Creating a Debit Card

How to create debit cards tied to your Swype bank account

Claiming your debit card

Once your verification application has been approved, you can then proceed to claim your debit card by going to the Banking page and tapping 'Claim Card'.

If you are unable to see this button, it may be because your account has not yet been verified or that your verification application was rejected. Please contact us for help if the issue persists after pulling to refresh your screen.

Once the 'Claim Card' button has been toggled, you will then be met with the following page, as shown below, prompting you to select what type of card you wish to order.

Currently, physical cards are restricted due to issues with our banking partner and logistics + handling. We plan to have this sorted out before the end of October.

You can also add your debit card to your Apple Wallet to use within Apple Pay. This is done by simply copying your card number, tapping Add to apple wallet, and pasting it when Apple Wallet prompts you to enter the card number.

We are currently only supporting text entry for adding your Swype card to your wallet, but will be adding automatic card provisioning for your Apple Wallet very soon!

Creating multiple cards

With Swype, you can create multiple cards tied to the same bank account as needed.

At present, Swype has a card limit of five virtual cards. Please contact us if you would like to have this limit increased. But, we have a hard limit of five physical cards that cannot be raised at this time.

Currently, physical card ordering has been disabled due to a problem with our logistics provider. We are working to have this be available soon!

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