Moving Crypto

How to easily move crypto in and out of Swype

Receiving Crypto

One of the first things that you may want to do when getting started is to fund your Swype wallet with crypto. To do so, select the desired chain in the horizontal chain picker, pull up the wallet sheet, and tap 'Copy Address.' This will copy your wallet address and allow you to transfer crypto from another wallet or exchange it to your Swype wallet.

As of now, Swype does not natively offer on-ramps. You will need to transfer crypto into your Swype wallet by pulling up the wallet view and copying your address. Any crypto that is sent to this address will show up in your Swype wallet as long as it exists on one of the chains Swype supports (Ethereum, Arbitrum, Bitcoin, or Polygon).

Note: While Swype does not currently support other EVM chains such as Optimism, Fantom, they will be added very soon. Funds sent to these addresses on those chains will not be lost but can be recovered through your seed keys.

Sending Crypto

Because Swype is a native wallet, you can also send crypto to other addresses as well.

In order to send crypto on Swype, simply tap 'Send' on the home screen and paste an address into the address box.

Hold the 'Hold to Send' button once you're ready to complete the transaction and have your funds sent. Also, you can view the progress of your transaction on EtherScan or Blockchair by just tapping the transaction icon on the top left of the home screen and selecting the transaction.

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