ACH & Wire Transfers

ACH Payments

Swype supports both ACH push and pull transactions. This means that other authorized bank accounts are able to pull funds directly from your Swype bank account and that you are able to push funds to other bank accounts from your Swype bank account. In addition, you are able to pull funds from another authorized bank account, and push funds to it as well.

ACH Push

ACH push payments occur when your Swype account pushes (sends) funds to another bank account. Typically, these payments take 2-3 business days to settle due to high volume of fraudulent activity. If you require same-day ACH payments, please let us know and we will set this up on your account for an additional fee.

You can also push payments from your own bank account to your Swype bank account. This means that you can easily send fiat from your bank account to Swype by initiating a push from your bank account.

ACH Pull

ACH pull payments occur when your Swype account pulls (requests) funds from another authorized bank account. These transactions are risky and, due to the high volume of fraud, we are restricting the use of ACH pull temporarily. This does not impact you if you have setup ACH pulls with bill payment systems, but merely Swype's ability to pull from other bank accounts.

You can also pull money from your Swype account from another bank account. This is useful for situations like paying credit card bills/utilities. Typically, they ask you to verify the account belongs to you by making two small debit transactions on your Swype account, and verifying that you own the account.

Swype users can make an ACH transfer to an external account from their Swype Bank Account by following the steps outlined below -

Step 1. Swype up or tap on ‘Banking’ tab

Step 2. Tap on 'ACH' to get started with the ACH transfer

Step 3. Tap on ‘Select Contact’ to choose from Contacts’ list.

Step 4. On the top right of screen, simply tap ‘New Contact+’ when adding a new contact.

Step 5. Once preceding steps have been completed, you will then be prompted to fill out the form below with new-contact’s information

Step 6. Once ‘Add Contact’ is completed, you will then be able to send an ACH.

Wire Transfers

Swype supports both international & domestic wire transfers that settle in USD. International wires are restricted until the account passes a particular threshold. If you need to send international wires, please contact us so we can enable it on your account.

Any international wires made in currencies other than USD will be subject to a currency conversion fee that may or may not be favorable to you. Please ensure that you receive USD to avoid issues with incoming wire transfers.

Note: To complete Wire Transfers, simply follow the preceding steps outlined above for ACH transfers, but by toggling the 'Wire' tab instead.

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