Multicoin & Multichain

Swype being a native Multichain wallet also supports thousands of tokens across a variety of Blockchains. If a token is unlisted on our platform, please let us know and we will be happy to support it for you.

Since Swype is both Multichain and Multi-token, you are able to not only on-ramp but also off-ramp thousands of other tokens as well.

One of biggest problems with centralized exchanges is that there is currently no easy way to exit illiquid positions or enter positions on obscure tokens that you may have encountered on /biz/. By using Swype, you can do exactly that without compromising on custody of assets.

99% of tokens on Swype can be used to fund your bank account. However, please be aware; you may encounter highly illiquid tokens that can cause major price slippage when trading these assets.

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